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The Faculty of Fine Arts, Thaksin University, originated from the founding of the Department of Arts and Culture, Faculty Humanities in then Srinakharinwirot University, Songkhla Campus, with the following development.

1979: Former Srinakharinwirot University Songkhla Campus offered a fundamental course in arts and culture, a      required or free elective course in the Department of Arts and Culture and a fundamental course in Music, a free     elective course in the Department of Music, Faculty of Humanities.  Later in the year 1992, courses in Music were   offered by the Department as minor subject.

1994: The Department of Arts and Culture was renamed to Department of Arts offering a four-year Bachelor program in Visual Arts. 

1996: The Department of Music offered a Bachelor program in Western Music.

1967: Srinakhariwirot University was renamed Thaksin University; accordingly the Division of Visual Arts and Division of Music were merged into the Department of Fine Arts under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.  

2003: The Faculty of Fine Arts has been approved by the University Council of Thaksin University to establish as a unit with the internal structure divided into four main divisions, including the Office of the Secretary, Division of Visual Arts, Division of Thai Music and Division of Western Music.  

2005: The Executive Committee of Thaksin University approved the establishment of a new faculty run by the Office of Secretariat in conducting and supporting teaching and learning and budget management.  The chairman of the respective program carried out the academic management of the Faculty s courses.  


Vision: The Faculty serves as the learning center for arts by integrating knowledge, local and universal wisdom with research development, and by creating Southern arts and culture to the global community for sustainable development of quality of life. 
1.      To produce graduates with knowledge, artistic and creative ability as creators in the field of arts enabling them to expand the knowledge base in the application to various fields in a consistent and professional manner.
2.      To development and produce high quality research and creative work, integrate knowledge and local and universal wisdom in response to the social needs.
3.      To provide the science of arts, integrate and transfer of knowledge of local and global innovations in the strengthening the society and the sustainable quality of life.
4.      To foster artistic and cultural heritage conservation, local wisdom and culture, propagate and contribute their values to socio-economic prosperity.


Faculty’s Logo
            Represent Thai painting indicating accumulation of Thai wisdom, virtue, quality of life and linkage to universality;
            Represent petals and pollens of Gustavia, the Faculty’s flower symbol;
            Represent textbooks (University’s logo) indicating intelligence, virtue and progress;
            Represent technology, creativity and modernity;
            Represent pollens that spread out and grow; can be compared to the mission taken by the Faculty in producing knowledgeable and competent graduates with artistic skill to meet the needs of the society.
Faculty’s Colors
            Maroon Red
            Red represents the Faculty of Fine Arts, Thaksin University
            Gold represents virtue, awareness in national culture in fine art concept-pure and applied arts, similar to pollens of Gustavia, readily to germinate like the graduates who will strive for the progress of the nation.


Faculty Board Dean Deputy Dean Quality Assurance Sub-Committee
Academic Committee Student Development Committee Research/Creativity Development Committee Musicology Division Visual Arts Division Performing Arts Division
Office of Faculty of Fine Arts
Administrative Unit Educational Services Unit
Finance and Supplies Unit Student Development Unit
Strategic Work and Quality Assurance Unit
Administrative Chart
Coordinator for Musicology Division Coordinator for Visual Arts Division Coordinator for Performing Arts Division
Head of the Office, Faculty of Fine Arts

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