Business Incubation Center, Thaksin University
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Business Incubation Center is an agency established to support and respond to the policies of Thaksin University in the adoption of research findings, academic advancement and local wisdom for commercial purposes.  The center’s task is to focus on creating and developing entrepreneurs through training in technology and business by providing basic resources essential to the operation and further development of knowledge on the agro-industry, thus enabling them to be competitive commercially at the national level.  The center is committed to developing the potential of entrepreneurs in Southern Thailand enabling them to provide products and services of high quality and to creating new entrepreneurs based on the technological and business knowledge.  All efforts can be accomplished through providing the necessary resources and cooperation from the business incubation networks in the South.  The center provides services to entrepreneurs with consultation and necessary information needed for the establishment of business firms. Training programs are designed for participants to gain business insight as entrepreneurs.  The Center also provides coordination between the government and the private sector in the establishment of a new company.

            Thaksin University received the support for the establishment of the Business Incubation Center with a budget in the 2007 fiscal year from the Office of Higher Education Commission assigning the University to serve as a consultant to the project under contract No. 80/2550 endorsed at Thaksin University Council meeting on January 12, 2008.

            Thaksin University Business Incubation Center (BIC@TSU) is an independent agency of the University with an equivalent status with that of the faculty, institute or bureau; its the office is located in the Academic Resources Building with an area of 191 square meters housing the Director’s office, manager’s room, business office, small meeting rooms, rent space and area for receiving guests.  At the initial stage, the center is operated under the Research and Development Institute, Thaksin University.  Once completed, the structure of the center will consist of two levels: the policy level directed by the Board of Directors and the operational level run by Executive Committee.  For the financial system the center follows the government financial regulations during the first phase of the administration.  To optimize and streamline the management, the center expects to operate its own financial regulations.  

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