The College of Local Wisdom Thaksin University
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            The The  College of Local Wisdomwas proposed for establishment at the meeting of the University Council on November 20, 2004 to set up at Phanangtung Sub-district, Phatthalung Campus.  The project was initially headed by Professor Sutthiwong Phongphaiboon, who initiated the master plan in line with the development as envisaged in the University’s vision that:
            "Thaksin University strives for excellence in the development of people and society, focusing on learning and keeping abreast with the modern-day world by integrating Thai traditional- Eastern wisdoms and universal wisdom with an academic knowledge to attain better quality of life and social well-being."
            The The  College of Local Wisdom  aims to develop and utilize land space for maximum benefits of the people of the area in harmony with the environment and local cultures.  The Master Plan Committee has organized a seminar with specialists, experts in the various fields, university personnel and personnel in the area for a conceptual framework of the master plan which has been proposed for the establishment of the The  College of Local Wisdom Finally, the University Council passed a resolution for the establishment on August 4, 2005. 
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