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          Faculty of Education was the first established when the university was initially founded as the College of Education, Songkhla, on October 1, 1968.  Later the College was upgraded to Srinakharinwirot University Songkhla on June 29, 1974 and a 4-year program on education has been launched and gradually expanded.  Finally since the university was renamed Thaksin University on November 1, 1996, the Faculty of Education has continued its operations in teaching and research undertakings. 


     Vision:  The Faculty is responsible for producing quality graduates to be internationally recognized by the year 2014.


            1. Produce graduates in the field of education who are well-rounded, intelligent and ethical and full of awareness of being good instructor and social development.  The graduates are skillful in conducting research and management focusing on quality learning process based on the learner-centered approach, developing academic strength and educational management to attain the international standard.

            2. Conduct research and develop body of knowledge in the educational field leading to functioning as the faculty that produces quality graduates recognized domestically and internationally.

            3. Function as the center of learning resource and mechanism of learning network in education at the national, regional and international level.  


        Dean  Quality Assurance Sub-Committee Faculty Board                         

        Advisors Deputy Dean  Assistant to Dean
  •  Head of Office of Faculty of Education
  •  Chairman of Department of Evaluation and Research
  •  Chairman of Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  •  Chairman of Department of Psychology
  •  Chairman of Department of Educational Administration and Management
  •  Chairman of Department of Educational Technology and Communications
  •  Chairman of Department of Physical Education and Health Education
  •  Chairman of Department of Teaching Science and Mathematics
  •  Chairman of Teaching Liberal Arts
  •  Director of Professional Teachers and Educational Personnel 

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