Graduate School Thaksin University
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          Thaksin University is an institution of higher education in South of Thailand established in response to the growing needs of the local workforce.  It started with the expansion of educational services of the Bangkok-based College of Education to students in provincial areas with the establishment of the College of Education Songkhla on October 1, 1968.  The College was renamed Srinakharinwit University in 1992, a branch of Bangkok campus.  Later the institution was upgraded to an independent university, Thaksin University, on November 1, 1996.  
         Since 1980, Thaksin University has offered graduate study programs for over 30 years.  Currently, graduate study learning has been conducted by the Graduate School in collaboration with other faculties and agencies involved.



            The Graduate School serves as an agency committed to academic excellence of world-class standards under the effective management system.



            1. Monitoring the quality standards of education at the graduate level.

            2. Managing the interdisciplinary courses not directly affiliated with any agency.

            3. Encouraging improvement of existing curriculum and developing new programs in at the master’s degree and doctoral level. 

            4. Providing support in the development of the competency of lecturers and personnel of graduate studies. 

            5. Seeking funding support for graduate research.

            6. Disseminating research works and theses.

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