Institute of Community Operation for Integrated Studies
Thaksin University
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            Institute of Community Operation for Integrated Studies is an agency established by the University Council on December 22, 2007 to serve as a linkage with and facilitation to other agencies in the University.  The Institute serves to transfer the knowledge to the community and to decipher the body of knowledge from the community for the integrative learning management for university students.  The institute also mutually develops knowledge with the community.
            Framework for the operation of the institution.  The institute utilizes knowledge management as a tool for learning about the community in creating a learning process.  Capabilities are developed among students to be critical and practical thinkers, enabling them to solve problem effectively as prescribed in university’s philosophy for desirable attributes of the graduates (accountable, well-rounded, hard working and possessing practical experience).  Knowledge is developed with the scientific process in order to raise awareness in the community and then is transferred back to the community for a paradigm shift and behavior modification.  This process includes the creation of support within the community to generate the strengthening mechanism through self-reliance, becoming a real life model for students.  At the same the Institute aims at developing its own organizational culture of learning with capacity to develop knowledge for the community benefits.  


Vision:  The Institute serves as an academic cooperating organization in coordinating the process of knowledge management within the community, thus nurturing the graduates who are able to think critically, work practically and understanding life; accordingly they are able to survive and coexist with the community, nature and the environment through responsibility for sustainable quality of life. 


Director of the Institute
Advisors  Institute Committee Board
Head of Office
Policy and Planning Task General Administration Task Instructional Task Research and Academic Service Task
-Development Strategy  
-Personnel Administration
-Quality Assurance  
-Internal Control;  
-Risk Management  
-Learning Management
-Human Resources     
-Correspondent and Documents        
-Public Relations  
-Community Engagement      
-Learning Foundation Development              
-General Education    
-Learning Management for Student Development
-Graduate Study Education   
-Academic Service     
-Conservation of Arts and Culture    
-Development and Accumulation of Knowledge  
-Community Research Support
-Community Research


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