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Thaksin University’s library was established along with the founding of the earlier College of Education, Songkhla on October 1, 1968.  At first, it was located in a 2-storey building with an area of approximately 1,080 square meters, called "Library of College of Education, Songkhla" and opened for services in the first semester of the 1969 academic year.  Later, when the College was promoted to become "Srinakharinrote University, Songkhla" on June 29, 1974, the library changed its name to the "Central Library".
            In 1990 when Srinakharinwirote Unversity, Songkhla has been expanded its operations to an area in Phatthalung Province, more information resources have been accumulated and more service users patronized the library.  The building was crowded and became deteriorated; thus, a new 5-storey building has been constructed with an area of about 9,660 square feet and the seating of about 1,200 users.  The library was open for services on January 3, 1995 and was renamed "Library Bureau" along with the establishment of Thaksin University.
            The library’s mission is to gather information resources in print media, audio-visual media and electronic media.  Services are offered in the support of teaching and research to students, lecturers, personnel of the university and individuals as well as members of the collaboration network among libraries of higher educational institutions.


 Vision:  The library is a center of learning to support the mission of the Thaksin University with a commitment to service excellence and a step towards becoming an organization providing information services with quality standards.
            1. Seeking to develop storage and dissemination systems for information resources of all types in line with the curriculum and the university’s role in teaching, research, service to the society and maintenance of art and culture.
            2. Developing information service systems that meet the needs of the users for supporting the university’s undertaking, focusing on producing graduates and moving toward the Research University and the e-University in the future through an electronic library system and the application of proper information communication technology.
            3. Providing education services to educational users with the information skill and information technology skill to promote self-directed learning process and lifelong learning to students.
            4. Developing a library network and an information network for shared resources efficiently.
            5. Developing the management systems to support its mission and improving the Library Bureau toward a learning organization, including creating an internal communication system for a shared vision and formulating a public relations strategy to promote use of the library service.


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  • Information System Development
  • Services and Promotion of Information Learning

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