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Thaksin University
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           The Research and Development Institute was established in response to the University’s policy of strengthening its research works and the Institute serves as a focal point in the promotion, coordination and administration in the attainment of University’s research goals.  The operations of the Institute for the past years have resulted in the remarkable progress of the University’s research.  Currently, the Institute has entered into the second phase of the research development under the 2000-2014 Strategic and Development Plan, which focuses on capacity building of the research support system and generates all aspects of research resources.  All efforts are meant to contribute to improving the quality of life of individuals as well as making the educational institution a place where society looks up to. 
Philosophy, Determination, Goals and Objectives
            The Research and Development Institute aims to improve research, creative work and innovation of the quality recognized by the society.  The Institute serves to transform the University to become a research university, being able to utilize the knowledge gained from the research and to transfer of knowledge to the community.  The Institute functions to promote and support research agencies both within and outside the university so that potential researchers are able to contribute to quality research.  The Institute seeks research funding and resources, creating incentives for more research engagements and promote the dissemination of research results both the form of academic services and knowledge transfer.  The role and function of the Research and Development Institute is shown in the following diagram. 


            The Research and Development Institute is an agency that supports Thaksin University to achieve academic excellence by using local knowledge base to become a research university by 2017
            1. Provide research and development support system to pave way for making Thaksin University a full research university.
            2. Provide support for research resources.
            3. Aim at supporting the development of quality research, creativity and innovation to meet the standards recognized internationally.
            4. Aim at strengthening specialized research by using local knowledge base. 


Director, RDITSU
Board of Committee
Deputy Director
Head of Office
Chief of Research Management Task
General Administration
  • Research Development
  • Research Support and Coordination
  • Specialized Research Development
  • Researcher Potential Development
  • Internal/External Research Network
  • Lower Southern Thailand Research Network
Chief of Research Management Fund
  • Research Funding Allocation
  • External Research Funding Resources
  • Follow-up and Evaluation
  • Research Resource Support
  • Research Act Coordination
  • Thaksin University Research Funding
Research Work Management
  • Journal (Parichart/Thaksin University)
  • Research Dissemination and Transfer
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Central Equipment Coordination
  • Research Information
  • Honoring of Researchers
  • Southern Thailand Science Park Coordination

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