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            Faculty of Science, Thaksin University, was initiated when the College of Education was established in Songkhla in 1998 to provide opportunities for students in the provincial regions to enter institutions of higher learning and to solve the problem of students heading for education hub in Bangkok.  The College of Education was then upgraded to university status called Srinakharinwirot University in 1994 and the Bachelor of Science programs in Mathematics and Biology were offered in 1967.  During 1978-1995, additional 4 science disciplines were added to the program: Chemistry, Statistics, Physics and Computer Science.  Academic development has been made continuously during these years and in 1995, the Master of Science degree program was first launched in conjunction with the Faculty of Education.  When the University was renamed Thaksin University in 1996, 5 programs were offered to students to meet the needs of society.  In 2004, the Faculty of Science, in addition to existing original campus in Songkhla, expanded its operation to Phatthalung campus in Pa Payom District, Phatthalung Province.  A dramatic change to the University has been witnessed when its status was changed to the autonomous university on February 7, 2008.             

            At present the Faculty of Science offers 17 undergraduate (B.Sc.) and graduate (M.Sc.) programs and in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, four 5-year undergraduate programs and two graduate programs are offered, all of which are aimed at increasing the potential of education with a focus on the quality of graduates expected by society.  Apart from conducting science teaching, the Faculty of Science is engaged in conducting research and providing academic service to the community, thus uplifting the quality of life of the people and solving community problems through the transfer of modern knowledge and technology.   Distinguished scientific researches including the various research works related to the King’s initiated projects have been recognized nationally by various agencies  


“Small but Great”


     Vision: To be a leader of learning organization in science and technology


            1. Develop and create a learning system that becomes an organizational culture of sustainable learning;

            2. Produce quality graduates of international standards in line with the needs of society;

            3. Develop the research and provide quality academic service through the transfer of knowledge in science
                and technology for society’s benefits and solving the community’s problems;

            4. Continue the tradition of wisdom by integration of knowledge with community wisdom.


 Faculty’s Color:  Golden Yellow

 Flower Symbol:  Sunflower


Organizational Structure

Faculty Committee                             Quality Assurance Sub-Committee
Deputy Dean for Planning and Strategy
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Educational Quality Assurance
ssistant to Dean for Student Development
Assistant to Dean for Administration: Songkhla Campus
Course Coordinators for
Mathematics and Statistics
Heads of Offices
Head, General Administration Section
Head, Finance and Supplies Section
Head, Strategy for Educational Quality Assurance and Research Section
Head, Academic Services and Revenue Procurement Section
Head, Physical Development and Audio-Visual Section 

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